Community Survey

Updating Our Strategic Plan

Planning for the Future

Part I: Tell us about yourself

We hope to use this survey to learn how we can better serve our Community.  Thank you for taking the time to respond to our questions.

Note: This will assist us in determining if there are areas of our City that may need more attention than others on specific problems.


Part II. Your contacts with the Seaside Police Department

We would like to know how you have had contact with us during the past year.  Select all that apply.

Poor Avg. Great N/A
A. Was the Receptionist/Dispatcher you first spoke to courteous/helpful?
B. How well did the Police officer (or other police employee you dealt with) treat you?
C. How well did the Officer/other police employee explain what actions he/she was taking during contact with you? Or actions to be taken after his/her contact with you?
D. How well did the Officer/other police employee present him/herself (consider their appearance in their uniform as well as their demeanor towards you)?
E. How would you rate the Seaside Police Department overall?
Part IV. What is the Quality of our work?

For each question, indicate the level that best represents your opinion.

Poor Fair Good Very Good Excellent Don't Know
A. Visibility of the police on patrol
B. Foot Patrol Services
C. Bike Patrol Services
D. Crime Prevention programs and services
E. Services to the schools and youth
F. Ability to investigate crimes or incidents
G. Response time to calls for service
H. Traffic/Parking Enforcement
I. Code Enforcement
J. Graffiti Abatement
K. Ability to interact with the public
L. Narcotics-related incidents or crimes
M. Alcohol-related incidents or crimes
N. Gang-related incidents or crimes
O. Services provided in a professional and ethical manner
P. Other
Part V. What does the Future hold for us?

These responses will be critical in our preparation of a Strategic Plan that will guide the Seaside Police department in the coming years.  Your input in these areas is very important to us.

Examples: clean, friendly, etc.

If you have additional comments or would care to elaborate on any of the questions above, please do so in this field here. If you do not have additional comments, please type "none." Thank you!