Merchant Alert 5-16-2017

Merchant Alert 5-16-2017




**Merchant Alert**

Date:       May 16, 2017

Type of Alert: Stolen Money (Quarters)

Details:   On 5/15/2017 it was reported that a large sum of money in quarters was stolen from Maytag Laundry, 1223 South Roosevelt. It occurred between May 15-16, 2017, sometime between the hours of 5pm and 2am. The suspect or suspects are unknown at this time. 

Suggestions: SPD suggests the following:

  • Businesses should advise employees to be on the lookout for persons using large amounts of quarters, or trying to exchange quarters for paper money.


  • If something suspicious occurs, contact Seaside Police Department at 503-738-6311.


  • Try to get as much suspect/vehicle information as possible.


Stacey Brown, Communications Manager
Seaside Police Department
1091 S Holladay Drive
Seaside, OR  97138