Patrol and Motor






The Seaside Police Department maintains a minimum of 2 patrol units on duty, 24 hours a day. The patrol division consists of 3 Patrol Sergeants supervising 14 Patrol Officers. Some of the duties of the Patrol Officers include responding to emergency situations, rendering aid and deploying needed resources. We participate in public education activities, provide visible patrols for public access, traffic offense deterrence and enforcement, help resolve domestic disturbances, respond to calls for service of suspicious situations and persons, civil disputes, conduct welfare and security checks and a variety of other service related calls.

Our Patrol Officers conduct criminal investigations, collecting and processing evidence, identify and seize contraband, document crime scenes, complete reports, serve search and arrest warrants. Officers make custodial arrests on adult and juvenile offenders, mental health and detoxification holds, assist with citizen arrests, transport in custody arrests, conduct person search and seizures, conduct booking procedures, issue citations and make proper notifications and referrals to other related agencies. Our officers participate in the court proceedings by preparing for trials and hearings, give testimony and present physical and visual evidence.

Patrol Officers utilize various types of equipment that they operate and maintain. Some of the equipment used include firearms, Tasers, body armor, impact weapons, chemical agents, restraining devices, portable radios, cameras, first aid supplies, hazardous material equipment, traffic related equipment and many other types of equipment.

The patrol vehicles used are equipped with many of the necessary tools in use. Our vehicle fleet include patrol cars (Ford Crown Victoria), SUV’s (Chevrolet Tahoe), motorcycles (Harley Davidson and Kawasaki) and bicycle patrol. The SUV’s in service are used primarily for our beach patrol responsibilities. The motorcycles are used for traffic enforcement and easier movement through the city during high vehicular congestion times. The bicycles are used for patrolling the downtown area and Promenade during busy summer weekends and special events.

Some of the holidays and special events Seaside hosts throughout the year bring in large numbers of visitors to our community. Some of these events that keep our officers busy are Spring Break, Fourth of July, Beach Volleyball Tournament and the Hood to Coast Relay. (For more information on special events in Seaside visit the City of Seaside Visitors Bureau website The SUV’s, motorcycle, and bicycle patrols are very important tools for us to provide safety to community during these high population events.

Our officers participate in several community organizations with a wide range of interests. We participate in several safety fairs with other public safety organizations throughout the year. Some of the topics covered at these fairs are car seat inspection clinics, water safety, fire safety, bicycle safety and offering child fingerprinting kits in case children become missing.

Our officers are available for talks to small groups or individuals needing assistance with safety related concerns. A request for a talk from an officer for crime prevention tips can be made to the Seaside Police Department by contacting our business phone number at 503-738-6311.


Our Motorcycle Section is comprised of numerous officers from our Patrol Section to include Officers, Corporals, Sergeants, and Lieutenant. This unit trains on a regular basis within our department and with other motor units across the State of Oregon. Currently, this unit is involved in normal patrols within the city and surrounding areas upon request from other outside agencies. Motor units run traffic control for Funerals, Parades & other City Activities as directed by the Chief of Police. Most of our officers are involved in activities that support our schools and promote a core partnership with our community and our neighboring cities.