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Seaside Ordinances

Below are some of the City Ordinances and Oregon State Laws that are more commonly asked about. The entire City Ordinance Booklet can be found on the City of Seaside Website.


Seaside Code of Ordinances, compilation #93.03 LAUNCHING OF BOATS AND FLOATING DEVICES

(A) No person may launch any rigid watercraft such as metal or fiberglass canoes and boats and jet skis on the ocean shore within the city limits of Seaside, except by authorization from the Chief of Police or his designee. Watercraft must meet all State Marine Board rules and regulations. This does not apply to inflatable rafts or boats, inner tubes or swimmer safety devices. The launching of surfboards from Avenue "U" north in Seaside is also prohibited.

(B) The provisions of this section shall not apply to emergency equipment used by a public agency in order to save a life.


Seaside Code of Ordinances, compilation #94.21 RECREATIONAL BEACH FIRES

(A) Small recreational beach fires in the ocean shore recreation area are allowed provided they are located in the open dry sands area, downwind of and below beach grass and the driftwood line; no fires are allowed in dunes or beach log accumulations.

(B) No fire shall be placed in driftwood, left unattended or be permitted to cause damage to facilities or natural resources. Every fire shall be extinguished before its users leave the area.

(C) At the discretion of an Oregon State Park Manager, fires normal permitted in the ocean shore recreation area may be restricted or prohibited due to high fire hazard conditions.


Seaside Code of Ordinances, compilation #131.11 FIREWORKS

(A) The following sections of the current Oregon Fireworks Law, as hereafter modified or amended, together with all acts and amendments applicable to cities which are now or hereafter enacted, are adopted by reference and made a part of this title:

(B) The following activities are prohibited within the ocean shore recreation area:

Possession, discharging, or causing to be discharged, any firecracker, explosives, torpedoes, rockets, fireworks or other similar devices without the written permission of the park manager of the beach area in which the permitted wishes to discharge such devices. Fireworks are defined in OAR 837-12-72.


Seaside Code of Ordinances, compilation #131.20 GOLF ON BEACH

No person shall play or practice playing golf or driving golf balls along or upon the ocean beach within the corporate limits of the city.


Oregon Administrative Rule, 736-021-0070 PETS AND OTHER ANIMALS

(1) The owner of any dog, cat, or other animal brought into or kept in the ocean shore recreation area shall be responsible for the animal's behavior and physical control while in the ocean shore recreation area.

(2) Saddle animals such as horses, llamas, mules, etc. may be used on the ocean shore recreation area where not otherwise posted. No animal shall be hitched or confined in a manner that may cause damage to any natural resources on the ocean shore.


Oregon Administrative Rule, 736-021-0090 VANDALISM AND LITTER

(1) No person shall, except with the written permission of the park manager or designated park employee:
(a) Cut, trim, uproot, or remove any living vegetation; (b) Dig up or remove any sand, soil, rock, historical or fossil materials or Indian artifacts or burials, except in accordance with ORS Chapter 358 and OAR 736-020-0035.

(2) Persons shall not mutilate, deface, damage or remove any property, structure or facility of any kind in the ocean shore recreation area.

(3) Persons shall not roll stones or other objects, or carve, dig caves, sculpture sand dunes or sea cliffs, in a way which endangers visitors or damages ocean shore resources.

(4) No person shall deposit garbage, sewage, refuse or waste on any ocean shore recreation area.


Oregon Administrative Rule, 736-030-0020 PROHIBITION OF CAMPING

Overnight camping, including overnight sleeping in tents, driftwood shelters, sleeping bags, recreational vehicles, trailers or automobiles, on the ocean shore within the city limits of Cannon Beach, Lincoln City, Seaside, Newport, Bandon, Gold Beach, Rockaway Beach and Manzanita is prohibited.


Oregon Administrative Rule, 736-030-0030 PROHIBITION OF WIND SAILING

No person shall windsail on any beach within the city limits of Cannon Beach and Seaside except by permit from the city. A windsail is a sail propelled 3 or 4 wheeled cart.


Oregon Administrative Rule, 736-030-0040 PROHIBITION OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES

Consumption of alcoholic beverages exceeding 14% alcoholic content is prohibited on the ocean shore within the city limits of Seaside except when under OLCC license and State Parks and Recreation Department permit. The consumption of all alcoholic beverages is prohibited on the ocean shore within the city limits of Seaside during Oregon schools spring break.




Seaside Code of Ordinances, compilation #71.05 SKIS, SLEDS, SKATEBOARDS AND THE LIKE

No person shall use the streets or sidewalks for traveling on skis, toboggans, sleds, skateboards or other similar devices, except where authorized.


Seaside Code of Ordinances, compilation #71.11 VEHICLES PERMITTED ON THE PROM

The only vehicles permitted on the Prom are: bicycles, public utility vehicles; and emergency vehicles.

NOTE: Bicycles are defined as "a vehicle that has no more than two wheels in contact with the ground, and one or two seats that are in-line with the frame"