Social Media

Nixle is our prefered means of dispersing critical information. It is an authenticated social media method and is partnered with NLETS (The International Justice & Public Safety Network). You can receive Nixle messages via email or text message.

IMPORTANT! When subscribing to a Nixle broadcast, please check your settings. By Default, you will only receive Alerts and Advisories. Please also sign up for Traffic and Community. If you decide that you don't like receiving those messages, you can turn them off at any time. NOTE: We do our best to get out messages but are not liable for the information that is sent or not sent.

This is how we use the different types of messages:
Alert - Emergencies: tsunami or other natural disaster, missing person, gas leak, house fire
Advisories - Non-emergencies: power outage, scam alerts
Traffic - Heavy traffic and road conditions: water on the highway, lane closures, traffic accidents
Community - Local event information: Hood to Coast, Volleyball, National Night Out

The following are offical social media pages: